Fishers of Kids Children's Church Curriculum



You can either download the curriculum to your computer, or simply come back and view the lessons on-line everyweek.
Complete Set
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Includes:  Six three-month quarters, plus 170 puppet & drama skits.
Individual Sets
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Includes:  Six three-month quarters.
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Individual Skit Sets
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Includes:  170 puppet & drama skits.
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Kids Crusade
Download Fun in the Son
Includes:  2 Day Kids Crusade.
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Each quarter has 12 weeks of FREE curriculum.
List of weekly lessons
List of skit lessons
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CLUNKY I ... 20 Puppet Skits.
CLUNKY 2 ... 20 Puppet Skits.
CLUNKY 3 ... 20 Puppet Skits.
CLUNKY 4 ... 20 Puppet Skits.
CLUNKY 5 ... 4 Puppet Skits
JOSHUA I ... 20 Drama Skits.
JOSHUA 2 ... 20 Drama Skits.
NERDS I ... 20 Drama Skits.
NERDS 2 ... 20 Drama Skits.
NERDS 3 ... 4 Drama Skits.
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