Nerd skits are my favorite skits, as well as the kids'.  They are skits where you can just be silly, and have fun, yet the kids will learn a ton.  Most of the Nerd Skits are in two different formats, Modern Day Bible Stories, and skit series.

Modern Day Bible stories are just that, we dress as Nerds, and have rewriten the bible story to modern times.  This is a fun, and powerful way to reinforce the Bible story in our lesson.

The others are a series of skits to show the meaning behind a concept.  We normally do the skit four times, three times incorrect (or what not to do), and the last one correct (what to do).  One of the ways of learning, is to find out what not to do, the negative.  God uses the negative often.  Eight of the ten have the words thou shalt not.  The Bible is filled with negative stories, that God uses to teach us what is correct. 

Nerd Example