Edword is a puppet who likes to try and help tell the Bible story, but never seems to get it right. He always seems to appear at the time of the Bible story, and consequently asks if he can help out. Though he thinks he knows all of the stories by heart, he is always goofing them up, which gives you a good opportunity to tell him, and the children, how it really goes. When Edword begins to ramble on, have the children get his attention by saying "Edword, Edword, Edword!!!" Then you straighten him out.

This is especially good for those stories that may be hard to understand. Edword will not understand them either, so you have a fun way of explaining to him (though actually to the children) what is meant in that particular story. This is also good for those Bible stories that all of the children think they have heard one hundred times, and don't need to hear again. Edword will goof them up, or may ramble on at times while telling the story, making it funny, but giving you a chance to tell it. You may even have the children help him out.

EdWord Example