Clunky comes up dressed like the Apostle Peter, carrying a fishing pole with a worm on the end of the hook (actually a clothespin), singing the song, "I will make you fishers of men." You come up front and ask him what he is doing. Clunk tells you that he is "SIMON CLUNKER, the great Fisher of Men," and that he is going out fishing for men

You pick up the worm, and then explain to Clunk that you don't go fishing for men using worms, fish like worms, but you won't catch any men with them.  You try to continue to explain what the term "Fishers of Men" means, but Clunk interrupts you and tells you that he realizes his mistake, and then leaves, telling you that he will be back in just one minute. 

While Clunk is gone, we can hear him calling up the pizza parlor from behind the stage, and ordering a pepperoni pizza. (During this time, switch the worm for a cardboard pizza.) We hear the sound of someone knocking at the door, Clunk answering it, and then asking the pizza deliverer what took him so long. Clunk then pays him and comes back up with the pizza on the end of his hook telling the kids that now he is going to be a real "Fisher of Men." Again you try to explain to Clunk that you don't use pizza, because for one reason, some people don't like pepperoni pizza (Clunk is amazed that someone actually doesn't like pepperoni pizza), but again, before you can explain fully, Clunk leaves to get something he is sure that everyone will like. 

While he is gone, we hear him getting into his piggy bank. This time he comes back up with a dollar bill on the end of his line, telling you that he knows everyone loves money. This too is wrong, so you tell Clunk that it is not an object, but a person, and again, Clunk leaves before you fully explain. We hear Clunk looking for his camera, then we see a flash. Clunk comes up the last time with a picture of himself, sure that everyone loves him. Finally, while holding on to him so he can't leave, you explain that you become a "Fisher of Men," by telling people about Jesus.